Antenna arrays and python

 These links include information about how to model and calculate patch antenna arrays using python:


I would like to remind you that in feeding a patch antenna, the location of the feed point determines the patch's input impedance at the resonance frequency. If feeding with standard 50Ohm SMA connectors, the input impedance of the patch should be adjusted to approx. 50Ohm for optimum matching.Now keep in mind that you don't want the feed location to be neither at the edge of the patch nor at the center. The reason is that (using the cavity model for analyzing the patch and assuming the dominant mode) the E field is zero at the center of the patch (so this would give you zero input impedance) and maximum at the edges (implying very high input impedance). So you generally want to be somewhere in between the edge and the middle to achieve 50Ohm.The rule of thumb is approx 1/3 of the distance between the two edges.Any book for microstrip antennas should have the formulas you need to find the location of the feed point, to obtain precisely 50Ohm input impedance. My calculation gave me that you need to place your feed at about 12.88 mm from the edge.