Matlab Phased Array Toolbox and Radar Examples

Matlab is one of the best software that can be for scientific and engineering research and computation, in addition to Python. Phased Array Toolbox of the Matlab provides a solid solution for antenna array analysis and radar research. Furthermore, Mathworks, owner company of Matlab, presents an extensive documentation of this toolbox. Here, I would like to present useful examples and documentation of Matlab radar studies, mainly from Mathworks website.

  1. Radar Data Cube:  Fundamental data structure for received radar data.
  2. Building and Processing a Radar Data Cube:
  3. Designing a Basic Monostatic Pulse Radar:
  4. Basic Radar Using Phase-Coded Waveform:
  5. Increasing Angular Resolution with MIMO Radars:
  6.  Range - Doppler Response Estimation using Matlab:
  7. Matched filter :
  8. Doppler Shift and Pulse-Doppler Processing:
  9. Range-Speed Response Pattern of Target:
  10. Angle-Doppler Response to Stationary Target at Moving Array:
  11. Automotive Adaptive Cruise Control Using FMCW Technology:
  12. Doppler Estimation:
  13. Radar Signal Simulation and Processing for Automated Driving
  14. Doppler Estimation:
  15. Waveform Design to Improve Performance of an Existing Radar System:
  16. Periodogram power spectral density estimate:
  17. Radar waveform analyzer
  18. Simultaneous Range and Speed Estimation Using MFSK Waveform:
  19. Concepts of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and 802.11 WLAN:

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