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Antenna Design for Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks have been becomıng more important with each passing day. For example, Internet of things (IoTs) concept is developed actually based on WSN systems. There are many different potential and future applications of WNS such as in industry, defence or protecting nature One wireless sensor network node may include a wide variety of layers from physical communication layer to algorithm development. Antennas are also vital parts of the wireless sensor nodes. Due to the small size of the nodes, efficient and small antenna design is brutally challenging, many different methods, therefore, can be applied to enhance performance and efficiency of those small antenna elements.  

Starting a New Design: Wireless Sensor Nodes for WSN Networks

Firstly, I will start a list of some resources for the design of the wireless sensor networks node. Here, I will add design steps from PCB design to algorithms and software developing for a wireless sensor network nodes and system design.