5G Beyond and 6G Communication Technologies

While initial 5G communication standards have been released and 5G networks have been implemented in some cities around the world, some research groups at world-leading universities and tech-giant companies have already started conducting research on the sixth-generation (6G) communication networks.

Although 6G standards are expected to be available in around 2030, there are some speculations what could be included and supported in 6G networks. The major expected technologies or techniques in 6G: 

  1. Of course, 6G will support all available technologies in 5G such as  machine-to-machine communication, massive internet of things (massive IoT), enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB),  Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC), Flexible network operations.
  2. Enhanced network operations which are supported by machine learning applications to improve data-rate, energy-efficiency and flexibility.
  3. It will also support vehicles and drones to  enable intelligent transportation systems.
  4. Virtual reality applications, which require huge data-rate and low latency, will also be supported.
  5. It is also expected to support embedded radar sensing technologies to provide enhanced infrastructure for vehicular networks.
Related to 6G, a recent article on radar-communication technologies in 6G systems has been published by our research group:

There would be more technologies and applications which will be included in 6G. This is an introduction post, therefore, more details and explanations about 6G will be presented soon.


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