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15 Best IoT Energy Startups

15 Best IoT Energy Startups

Energy is one of the common problems all around the world. Without it, all our technology will be useless. The interesting thing about energy is despite we have numerous sustainable and renewable energy sources; we still rely on scarce sources.

Renewable energy is important because it provides a clean, sustainable and unlimited source of energy that can reduce our dependence on finite and polluting fossil fuels, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Additionally, renewable energy can lead to local economic development, improve energy security and reliability, and create new jobs and industries.

Wind power and IoT
Wind power is one of the most important renewable energy sources. 

On the other hand, the Internet of Things will change the trends in the energy industry as well. In fact, the number of IoT energy startups is worth mentioning. If you are interested in this field and love the idea of taking advantage of new technologies, then you need to know the following IoT energy startups!


Wattnow is a Tunisia-based startup that has $1.8 million in funding. The company focuses on a real-time monitoring solution to identify wasteful trends in the energy industry. It offers a detailed report with an energy spending breakdown.

Bia Energy

Bia Energy is a Colombia-based startup with $6 million in funding. This company helps businesses to reduce their consumption by simply analyzing data. They claim they can help their clients to save 10% on their energy bills.

Repos Energy

Repos Energy is an India-based startup with $7.2 million in funding. Basically, the company delivers fuel to its customers and offers a mobile application for quick and easy access to services.


Flutura is an India-based startup with $8.5 million in funding. The startup focuses on operational efficiency and asset uptime. It serves in fields such as heavy machinery manufacturing, process manufacturing, and oil & gas industries. The company also benefits from artificial intelligence technology.


Arnergy is a Nigeria-based startup with $9 million in funding. It focuses on providing reliable and efficient solar power systems for businesses, especially in emerging markets. The company is operating in various African countries today.


ChargeZone is an India-based startup with $10 million in funding. The company focuses on providing electricity to national highways in India. Besides offering smart charging solutions, the company also distributes charging networks for electric cars and buses.


GoWithFlow is a Portugal-based startup with €12 million in funding. The company develops and offers sustainable mobility management solutions. In addition to this, it is working on optimizing the entire energy and mobility lifecycle in Portugal. 


E-peas is a Belgium-based startup with $13.8 million in funding. The sole goal of the company is to make electronic device energy more efficient, autonomous, and smart. The company also develops its own energy harvesting power processing and management integrated circuits.


Verv is a United Kingdom-based startup with $15.9 million in funding. The company focuses on smart houses, which promotes its product as an intelligent home hub. Their product can help homeowners to reduce their energy bills by letting them take the control of their energy usage at home.


LineVision is a United States-based startup with $16.8 million in funding. The company works in a very specialized field. Their products help their customers to increase the reliability, flexibility, and capacity of their transmission lines. Moreover, they also offer advanced analytics.


Worlds is a United States-based startup with $16.7 million in funding. The company harmonizes the Internet of Things with deep machine learning. In this way, they help businesses to observe their physical space, which helps them to learn from their surroundings and analyze the data.

Virtual Peaker

Virtual Peaker is a United States-based startup with $19.8 million in funding. This great company offers a web-based platform for customers so that they can connect their smart home devices to control and track their overall consumption.


75F is a United States-based startup with $29.9 million in funding. Their product is a building automation system that benefits from the Internet of Things and provides solutions depending on equipment control, lighting, and HVAC units.

Project Canary

Project Canary is a United States-based startup with $121 million in funding. This company works to limit the release of methane. They have their own sensors to track the amount of methane released in remote sites. Their customer portfolio is mainly energy companies. 

Infinitum Electric

Infinitum Electric is a United States-based startup with $137.7 million in funding. This company is the most successful among all startups operating in the energy field. Infinitum Electric is developing lightweight and efficient electric motor solutions with the Internet of Things technology.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing ideas that benefit from the Internet of Things technology to boost the efficiency of their services and solutions. We hope some of these startups may inspire you to start your own business.

The good thing about startups in the energy field is they can easily find funding when they have a good idea. The demand in this field is quite high and it seems like this trend will keep going in this way.

Why is renewable energy important ? How can we use IoT systems to improve the efficiency of renewable energy systems ?

Solar Energy
Solar energy is another important renewable energy type.

Environmental benefits: Renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal, do not emit greenhouse gases or pollutants, making them a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. By reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we can decrease the emissions of harmful pollutants, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change and preserve the health of our planet.

Energy security: By relying on domestic energy sources, such as wind and solar, we can reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources, improving energy security and reducing our vulnerability to supply disruptions and price spikes.

Economic benefits: The growth of the renewable energy sector is creating new jobs and industries, spurring economic development and reducing poverty. In addition, renewable energy can reduce the costs of energy production, leading to lower energy bills for consumers and businesses.

Reliability: Renewable energy sources are becoming more reliable as technology improves and costs decrease. For example, advances in battery storage technology are making it possible to store excess energy for use when it is needed, increasing the reliability of renewable energy sources.


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