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Best Online Banks in Europe in 2022

Today, we can carry out all kinds of banking transactions without the need for visiting any bank branch. If you prefer a well-rooted and reputable online bank, you can enjoy all of its advantages. Without a doubt, such a bank can make things easier for you. Therefore, we wanted to compile the best online banks in Europe for you!

5 Best Online Banks in Europe

We have listed some of the popular online banks in Europe below, of course, there might be more options depending on the countries. 

  1. N26
  2. Revolut
  3. Wise
  4. Bunq
  5. Vivid Money


In the following, you are going to find the details of the 5 best online banks that you can prefer today! Each of them has its own advantages, so we highly recommend checking the entire list before making your final decision. So, let’s keep our introduction part small and check these banks one by one.


N26 is a mobile banking branch that offers all-in-one solutions to its users. One of the biggest advantages of this amazing bank is its free current account. This German provider is available across Europe and currently has more than 7 million customers.

If you often use Wise, then you need to know that N26 is fully integrated with this platform too. Another advantage of N26 is instant transfers to other SEPA bank accounts.


Revolut is one of the most reputable online banks that is offering its services all around Europe. This amazing online banking branch is famous for being the most affordable financial service. As of today, it has more than 12 million active users across Europe.

Besides the European Union, Revolut is also available in Japan, the United States, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia. It offers multi-currency options for its users together with investment opportunities. If you are looking for an all-in-one online branch, this may be it.


Wise managed to be very popular, especially in the last few years. Although the company is operating in Europe, it is also famous for being the most affordable online bank for international transfers. Today, Wise is also regarded as the best multi-currency currency account.

You can easily keep your money in different currencies and switch between them without any challenge and only in seconds. It supports more than fifty currencies, and you can send money to more than eighty countries.


If you are ready to pay for online banking services, you can also prefer Bunq. Unfortunately, Bunq does not offer any free accounts. Moreover, its charges are usually higher compared to other banks on this list. However, it is owned by Dutch Neobank, which is one of the most credible banks in Europe. 

Users can start an account in four currencies, which are Dutch, French, German, or Spanish accounts. In addition to this, Bunq is one of its partners of Wise. So, you can easily transfer money to Wise in only a few seconds.

Vivid Money

Vivid Money can be an amazing choice for those who often make spending through their online banking branches. It is one of the online banks that offer the best cashback deals in Europe. Moreover, the bank does not charge the first €200 that you are going to withdraw in any part of the world.

You can also open more than fifteen sub-accounts in more than a hundred currencies. If you want, you can also receive a free debit card, which will be Visa.



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